Access / Permissions to Coeus

Permissions to Coeus are generally requested by the intended user’s supervisor. To request permissions for someone, login to VUMC PEER (

  • Click on the Submit an Action Request link
  • From the menu, select Add Coeus Access
  • Complete the fields as indicated
  • Click the Submit Button
  • Once the permissions are given (usually within one business day) you will receive a confirmation email.

OSP can grant View permissions to Coeus immediately but Create and Modify permissions require an exam (see below).

Coeus Training Materials

After submitting the PEER request above, trainees will receive an invitation at their VUMC email inbox to create a user account in Coeus training. Trainees will be enrolled in courses appropriate to their permission request as well as any additional courses they desire.

Available Courses

  • What is Coeus?
  • Navigating Coeus
  • Creating Proposals in Coeus Premium
  • Creating Proposals in CoeusWeb
  • Advanced Human Subjects and Clinical Trials in eCat

Coeus Final Exam

After reviewing the training materials, OSP will enroll the trainee in a “final exam” course and give them permission to a training version of Coeus. Trainees will create a fake proposal in a Coeus training environment and route it for review. The “exam” is simply a feedback mechanism and intended to help trainees identify any confusing areas. Coeus Help staff will work with them to make sure all their questions are answered.

If you have any questions about access to Coeus, or about training, please contact Coeus Help:
Contact Coeus Help